April is National Stress Awareness Month: 4 Articles on Managing Stress

With all of the national days and months that exist, most are easily missed. (National Sourdough Bread Day, anyone?) There are so many silly days that seem like they were created by companies to increase sales. And then there are the national months that hold more significance.


Despite its importance, National Stress Awareness Month is one that gets less attention. April is the perfect time to discuss our stress levels and bring awareness on the subject to our peers.


A lot of companies have a corporate wellness program in place, but stress is not a hot topic.

Meditation, yoga, and exercise are common stress-relievers we hear about regularly. But, there are many more ways to “deal” with our stress.

The following articles touch on the lesser-known ways to reduce the stress in our busy lives.


Take time to unwind…It’s healthy to relax, renew, and rejuvenate

“Stress happens. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, at times it’s unbearable. That’s why taking time for yourself is a necessity.” Click Full Article below to see how taking time to relax can help your stress level.

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10 Ways to Celebrate National Stress Awareness Month

Here is a list of 10 positive ways you can respond to the stress in your life and keep your own stress levels in check. Click Full Article to start celebrating your stress awareness.

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CDC: Coping with Stress

Click Full Article below to read what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend for coping with stress and how you can get the help you may need.

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20 Tips to Tame Your Stress

“Stress hits us all in life, and while a little stress is good — it keeps us focused and motivated — too much of it and it can grind our lives to a complete halt.” Click Full Article below for 20 tips to tame your stress.

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What’s your favorite stress-reliever? How does your employer encourage you to reduce your stress level? 

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