The BALI Construction Side of Opening a Restaurant

Restaurants open left and right. But, if you are interested in opening a restaurant, it is harder work than you might think.

It’s not only about creating the concept and menu to serve. You need to think about what changes you will have to make to the space before you can open your doors to guests.

The following are the more obvious aspects of starting your restaurant:

  • Creating a business plan-including food concept, target market
  • Obtain funding
  • Find your location
  • Get necessary permits/licences
  • Hire/train employees
  • Promote your restaurant

There is more to opening a restaurant than the short list above.


So, here are some very important steps from the BALI Construction point of view. 

1. Obtain funding to remodel the restaurant space:

It is highly likely that the restaurant concept and target market you have chosen to serve will not work with the current design of the space. You will need to have money to hire a general contractor and/or an architect as well as a designer.

2. Choose your general contractor to help you remodel: 

When choosing who to hire, you need to consider the finished projects they have completed. For example, you don’t want to hire a contractor that mostly does residential work. You need to hire a professional that has done other restaurants. You will be competing with all the restaurants in the area. Consider how much this matters when choosing who to hire.

3. Meet with the general contractor to discuss the project start-up:

You have chosen who to work with! This is exciting. Your project will be starting soon! Meeting with the general contractor you chose is important to discuss the next steps.

  • What are your expectations?
  • Who will be managing your project?
  • What is the timeline of your project?

4. Stay updated on your project during construction:

  • How is the project going?
  • Are there any issues this week?
  • Is the project staying on budget/schedule?

5. A few final things:

  • Provide your contractor with a “punch list” of final things for them to do
  • Pass a final inspection
  • Receive O&M manuals from your contractor so you can operate all of your new appliances/electronics


Now celebrate the completion of your restaurant remodel! 

And know that the BALI Construction team will be stopping by soon to celebrate with you.



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