What We Do


We provide unrivaled satisfaction by minding the details and delivering the quality we would expect as clients.

Our clients have high expectations, and so do we. BALI Construction approaches each project with a proven team of dedicated craftspeople and focused project management. Our meticulous process exceeds our clients’ expectations by combining a streamlined, time-tested approach, clear communication, and unwavering attention to detail.


The earlier we engage in the planning process for restaurant construction, bar remodel, retail store or office build-out projects, the more value and efficiency we deliver. Once drawings and specifications have evolved, the BALI Construction team taps into our trusted pool of subcontractors to competitively bid each scope of work for contract and construction. Our early construction support allows us to assist with value engineering strategies and recommendations so that we meet each client's budgetary goals with the best materials and construction methods available.


We kick off the construction stage with a full pre-construction review, then schedule the most qualified industry subcontractors. Throughout the process, a BALI Construction Project Manager and Project Superintendent have weekly meetings covering job safety, project sequence and scheduling, and client concerns. During construction, we focus on the client to obtain approvals and to ensure satisfaction and construction management services delivery expectations are met or exceeded. When the project is nearing completion, we conduct a final job walkthrough with the client or their representative. This crucial step closes out our general contracting service agreement with a thorough point-by-point construction inspection to review any remaining punch list items.


We partner with an extensive network of architects, interior designers and color specialists who understand that each project and client is different. Our construction team understands that it’s this uniqueness that our clients seek out in restaurant construction, bar remodels, retail stores and office tenant improvements. Streamlining project and design-build delivery through a single contract and team allows us to transform the relationship between designer(s) and builder(s) into an elite construction alliance, fostering collaboration and teamwork. Using BALI Construction as a design-build solution allows clients to complete projects faster and with fewer changes. Bring your ideas to life efficiently with our creative design-build team and strong relationships.


We believe that building smarter means thoroughly reviewing and managing our general contracting services performance. Upon completion of construction, BALI Construction provides a close-out package that includes operating and maintenance manuals for all electronics and appliances. We follow up as construction settles in to ensure our clients are comfortable with our build quality and that everything works beautifully. If we can improve our construction management services, we want to know!



BALI Construction has a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe work conditions. We have built extensive measures into our framework to ensure there are no injuries on the job, including monitoring and updating safety standards and daily on-site assessments. We do everything we can to ensure our employees and everyone working on our jobsites can make it home to their families every day.

In response to COVID-19, we are following the Small Construction Project Safety Protocol (SCP Protocol) for all counties where we have active construction projects. Below are just a few of the measures we are taking to follow the SCP Protocol.

  • Designate a site-specific COVID-19 supervisor or supervisors to enforce this guidance. A designated COVID-19 supervisor must be present on the construction site at all times during construction activities.
  • Establish a daily screening protocol for arriving staff to ensure that potentially infected staff do not enter the construction site. If workers leave the jobsite and return the same day, establish a cleaning and decontamination protocol prior to entry and exit of the jobsite. Post the daily screening protocol at all entrances and exits to the jobsite. More information on screening can be found online at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/index.html.
  • Practice social distancing by maintaining a minimum six-foot distance between workers at all times, except as strictly necessary to carry out a task associated with the construction project.
  • In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at any jobsite, the following must take place:
    • i. Immediately remove the infected individual from the jobsite with directions to seek medical care.
    • ii. Each location the infected worker was at must be decontaminated and sanitized by an outside vendor certified in hazmat clean ups, and work in these locations must cease until decontamination and sanitization is complete.
    • iii. The County Public Health Department must be notified immediately and any additional requirements per the County health officials must be completed, including full compliance with any tracing efforts by the County.
  • Strictly control “choke points” and “high-risk areas” where workers are unable to maintain six-foot social distancing and prohibit or limit use to ensure that six-foot distance can easily as necessary to reduce density and allow for easy maintenance of minimum six-foot distance can easily be maintained between individuals.
  • Stagger trades as necessary to reduce density and allow for easy maintenance of minimum six-foot separation.
  • Maintain a daily attendance log.
  • Post a notice in an area visible to all workers and visitors instructing workers and visitors to do the following:
    • i. Do not touch your face with unwashed hands or with gloves.
    • ii.Frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
    • iii. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces such as work stations, keyboards, telephones, handrails, machines, shared tools, elevator control buttons, and doorknobs.
    • iv. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, or cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm at your elbow/sleeve.
    • v. Do not enter the jobsite if you have a fever, cough, or other COVID-19 symptoms. If you feel sick, or have been exposed to anyone who is sick, stay at home.
    • vi. Constantly observe your work distances in relation to other staff. Maintain the recommended minimum six feet at all times when not wearing the necessary PPE for working in close proximity to another person.

Every project is different and can present a unique set of hazards and health concerns.

After familiarization with the site itself, logistics and safety concerns, the BALI safety team discovers at-risk conditions while utilizing the Predictive Solutions system.

BALI’s ability to provide important data and comprehensive reporting ensures that the Owner provides a safe workplace for BALI employees and subcontractors before arriving on site. Having the ability to effectively document the hazards and corrective actions ultimately keeps all parties accountable in following up on action items.

This effort was a very valuable experience for the project team, serving as an example of BALI’s comprehensive Health & Safety program of policies and safe practices. Our safety program is a key element of our quality workmanship, and we continually work to maintain a position as an industry leader in Health & Safety.