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2019 BALI Construction Golf Tournament

Our 2019 golf tournament will be at Moraga Country Club on Monday, June 24th. Register now!

avila beach resort

First Annual BALI Construction Golf Tournament

This fall, BALI Construction is having its first golf tournament!

It is going to be at Avila Beach Golf Course in Avila Beach, CA on Friday October 21st.

This golf tournament will be benefiting the Cal Poly Athletic & Construction Management Departments.

Support the students by giving back to Cal Poly!

                                                       Register now!

Teams of two or four can register on our golf tournament website.

Single registration will be done at check-in the morning of the tournament.

There are sponsorship opportunities available!

Contact if you have questions about signing up to play or sponsor! 

Visit our golf tournament website:



BALI Construction San Francisco Business Times Feature

We have been featured in the San Francisco Business Times again!

Owner/President, Kevin Balestrieri, was interviewed for the Entrepreneur Profile in the Small Business section.

He discusses our expansion down to Southern California, our fun company culture, business moves, and more!

You can read the enlarged version below. San Francisco Business Times subscribers can also Read the full article here.

Small Business Profile

BALI Construction Featured in the San Francisco Business Times

We are excited to share that we are featured in this week’s issue of the San Francisco Business Times!

This is our first feature in a major publication. It is a great feeling to know that the San Francisco Business Times
thinks we are interesting and talented enough to be published.

We would like to thank our clients for getting us to where we are. Many of our projects come from
your kind referrals.

San Francisco Business Times subscribers can Read the full page article here   .



The BALI Team is Full of Sports Lovers

Fall is here! That means it’s time for baseball playoffs and

football season is in full swing.

From watching pro sports, to cheering on our kids, we love to root for our favorite athletes.  Our office is torn between San Francisco and Oakland fans. But we all find a way to get along just fine!


Krystal (second from left) with family and friends cheering
for her SF Giants. She is absolutely thrilled they are in
the World Series for the third time in five years! #octobertogether



Matt’s Raiders beard. Every year he starts growing a beard at the beginning of football season and doesn’t shave it until they get a win. It might be a long one this season…he is a dedicated fan!


What’s your prediction for the 2015 Super Bowl? Tell us in the comments!


The BALI  team is full of family athletes! 

Christy’s son, running in a cross-country race. Isn’t his hair awesome?

Go, Adam, go!




Kevin’s niece, Juliana, had a great season with her softball team this year.


Amber, owner Kevin’s fiance, ran the 2014 San Francisco Nike Women’s Half Marathon for the fifth time! She must love those Tiffany’s necklaces! 😉


Interested in training for your first half-marathon? Read this great article. 

Half Marathon Training Schedule for Beginner Runners

“Before starting any training for running the 13.1-mile half marathon distance, whether it’s in an organized race or on your own, you should be regularly running approximately 10 to 15 miles per week. If you’re a beginning runner, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before starting anything as strenuous as training for a half marathon, especially if you’re over age 35 or 40.”


Home Team


Finding the right general contractor is key to the success of your project. An architect may draw up a perfect plan on paper, but your contractor is one the responsible for actually putting it all together. When you’ve narrowed your General Contractor candidates down to just a few, here is a list of good questions to ask them before you make your decision:

  1. Are you licensed? How long have you been licensed?
  2. How long have you been in the construction business?
  3. How big is your crew? Are they employees or subcontractors?
  4. Will you, personally, be on the job site every day?
  5. Who is responsible for getting permits?
  6. How long do you estimate the project will take?
  7. What is the best way to get in contact with you? What is your usual response time to phone messages or e-mails?
  8. What professional organizations are you a member of?
  9. Will you provide lien waivers for subcontractors?
  10. When do you think you could start on my project?
  11. How many projects will you be running concurrently?
  12. How many projects similar to mine have you completed in the last year?
  13. Which architects do you usually work with?
  14. Ask about license and insurance after researching their licensing and insurance (for instance, at the Department of Consumer Affairs). Make sure that what the contractor tells you matches up with what you’ve already learned.
  15. What kinds of services do you offer before, during, and after the completion of the project?
  16. How will you handle common issues that arise during construction?
  17. What is your experience working in this particular county or city?
  18. What is your familiarity with the local planning process?
  19. Do you have references/ referrals?
  20. Do you guarantee your work?

As you conduct the interview, ask yourself if you’re finding anything in common with the person you’re speaking to. Do you think you can trust them? Of course, trust isn’t built right away. So give it a little time, but if you’re not feeling a connection in those initial conversations, that should tell you something, too. Trust your gut instincts.

For more tips, check out Home Team on Amazon!