The BALI Construction office is located in Walnut Creek, CA. We converted this office from two spaces to one. This project was very special to us because it’s our office and we used 100% recycled material from past projects. Walking through the front door, you can see samples of our custom mill work that we do in-house. We also have a custom wall made from reclaimed wood. In the hallway, we have some unpainted Wainscoting, adding to the rustic feel of the space. All doors and window trim have this reclaimed look and feel to them. Some of our interior doors and trim are 100 years old from San Francisco. We have a few closets with barn-door tracks and detailing from a past project that have recycled shelving. Some of the wood is old redwood from a fence we removed. All tables and work stations came from past projects.

We created custom desk spaces with wood paneling walls to separate them instead of cubicles. One of our counter tops is actually an old door that we placed glass over, bringing some life back to it. In the kitchen area, we used a recycled Granite counter top. We created a custom dog bed area for our office dog, Yogi, underneath the front counter. We re-wired all light fixtures and used recycled lights, outlets, and wiring. A few skylights were added to cut energy costs and bring in some natural light.  We went so far to use all recycled products that even the toilets and sinks are recycled. Some miscellaneous decorative recycled items are: paint over existing walls instead of buying chalkboards, and picture frames. Come by for a visit and check out the BALI office! Interior Design by Denton Custom Interiors.